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    Functionele Preservering
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    Het digitale object
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  26. (in Danish)
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  29. See APARSEN project: D31.1 Report on DRM preservation (to be available soon)
  30. For rights management metadata ODRL (Open Digital Rights Language) can be a useful standard,
  31. For technical metadata e.g. the standard MIX (for images) could be used,    
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  33. A good overview of standards currently in use can be found at ” source: Aligning national approaches in Digital Preservation , 2012

  34. The APARSEN project has a work package related to Digital Rights Management (later update) and their results will be a good source.
  35. The CASPAR project Report on OAIS Access Model|

  36. Staffing: The Digital Curator Vocational Education Europe Project DigCurV project
  37. Costs:
  38. Creating a business case for digital preservation is described in the DPC Business Case
  39. Risks Drambora information, see

    Audit en Certificering
  40. Audit and certification of trustworthy digital repositories
    (ISO 16363)
  41. Data Seal of Approval
  42. Nestor Seal for Trustworthy Respositories based on DIN 31644 Criteria for trustworthy digital archives,
    DIN 31644
  43. See the website of the Primary Trustworthy Digital Repository Authorisation Body (PTAB) where information can be found how to prepare for an audit